757 Finesse was born and raised in Norfolk, Virginia, using the town’s area code as a part of his name. He grew up watching his eldest brother rap and create music, this inspired him to start rapping himself at the age of 13. His family was also very musically inclined and always tried to support him in sports, music, and made efforts to keep him out of the streets. 757 began hustling and landed himself in prison for 9 years.

Being locked up at the age of 18 was a struggle that 757 finesse had to face. He spent 9 years in prison and experienced the isolation of being in a maximum security facility with nobody to turn to. Over the time of his sentence, he took it as an opportunity to write and make songs about the hardships he faced. Upon his release at the age of 27, 757 Finesse decided it was time to take his career in music seriously and work hard for this goal.

When it comes to his music 757 Finesse has a real story to tell. He is a very versatile artist, rapping and singing are both skills of his. The music he makes is relatable and as a listener, you can feel the pain he’s been through. In the studio he can acclimate to any different vibe, sometimes recording alone early in the morning or bringing his homeboys to the studio at night. 

Currently Finesse is working on a single with Authentic Empire music group Euro Gotit and plans to shoot the music video soon. His music is a mix between Trap and R&B, and has a soulful sound to it. Overall 757 Finesse is a very laid-back and down-to-earth artist working hard to achieve his goals.


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