4wayslugga was born and raised in the Madison and Greenville area of Florida, his city was split into two parts. His father stayed in one city, and his mother in the other. As a kid 4way was always interested in music and started freestyling for fun around the age of 7. Within recent years he picked music back up and has been working towards making it his career.

Being from an area with two different cities he felt like he had both cities depending on him. Seeing that he was the only artist taking music seriously in his area motivated him to go harder.  Being from Florida he admires Kodak Black as an artist, but also artists like Future and Young Thug. He admires those who are bold in their music and tap into a more creative side. His music is very versatile and creative, he can’t be constrained to one genre. He resonates mostly with hip-hop however he doesn’t let this limit him he’s made music within Caribbean, rock, crunk, and many other genres.

Lyrically he speaks on what he’s been going through whilst dropping knowledge at the same time. He tries not to glorify the bad things he’s been through, he wants to be a positive influence on his younger audience. Writing is like therapy for 4way, when he’s writing his subject matter goes deeper than when he’s freestyling. Freestyling is a very different process for him and he tends to speak on the moment he’s in at the time he’s recording. Growing up he ended up taking a wrong turn and not knowing what was next for him. He ended up working hard to be able to invest in himself as an artist. Everything it took to reach where he is now is what he reflects on in his music.

Some of 4wayslugga’s most recent work consists of a track with Jack Boy of Kodak Blacks Sniper Gang Ent. and Yungeen Ace, a notable rapper within Jacksonville. He has been working with Authentic Empire Music Group and plans to release a single with artist YSN Trapp. He has a mixtape in the works entitled “Invictus 2”. He is working on establishing his label TooTooGeek, and creating a clothing line to go alongside his label’s brand.


  1. Aye no lie as soon as the world know
    About this guy it’s up and only up! Most rappers just rap this guy is an artist ! He invest into his music and I expect him to be on top soon!


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