CEO (Chasing Every Opportunity) Mike Beez is a Chicago native through and through. Growing up in Chicago he was always around a music culture scene. Chicago Drill music was and still is very popular; you can hear this style in his sound. He loves to make fun party music and keeps the mentality that even though he’s been through some stuff, let’s party at the end of the day. This isn’t his only style of music, he is a very versatile artist and can find his niche in any genre. 

Mike Beez first started making music when he was about 9 years old, he showed his first song to his mother and she said “when you get famous buy me a house”. Since then Mike Beez has held on to that statement to motivate him towards his career goals. Before his father passed, he was one of Mike’s biggest fans and always had his back, his father is still a huge inspiration and one of the reasons he works so hard at being an artist. He first got in the studio around age 16 and created a buzz around his city freestyling. Mike Beez also participated in many open mics and spoken word events to improve his craft lyrically.

When it comes to making his music Beez looks at it as art. When he goes to the studio he likes to be alone, to be more creative, but he does enjoy being around people to draw inspiration from. Performing comes very naturally to Beez, as he was in plays growing up and never had a problem drawing in a crowd. Lyrically Mike Beez draws his inspiration from heartbreak and other situations he’s been through. Right after high school Mike Beez was put into an unjust situation with the police, facing gun charges that were unprovoked and false. Overcoming this he became more reserved in fear of going back to jail and settled into focusing on music. 

Currently, CEO Mike Beez has a single in the works featuring Authentic Empire music group artist Geezy Escobar. He is also looking into collaborating with some of their other artists as well. He is focused on building his brand and getting his name established in the music community. Mike Beez is a music mogul at heart, being able to adapt to any style, with a sound like no other. He is passionate about writing music and creating timeless songs.


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