Big Speaker was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland in the Cherryhill Projects. As a teen, he would hang out around his older cousins who were rapping and began taking after them with freestyles. In 2018 he began to take music more seriously and his lyrics were always very outspoken and reflected whatever came to mind. This style of rapping is what influence his artist name “Big Speaker”, as he was always speaking in any situation. His music is a reflection of his life and tells his overall story as both an artist and a person. 

Growing up in a rough area always brought struggles and tough times to Big Speakers’ path. He was involved with things most people don’t and shouldn’t experience at an early age and had difficulty staying in school. All of the things he has seen and done have made him stronger, music has given him a window to the world of storytelling. His city has played a huge role in his music and he is looking to motivate and inspire those coming from the same area and situations as he has. His brother lost his life in 2017, and it was always a dream of there’s together to make something out of rap. Carrying on his dreams and their story has been the prime inspiration for his career. 

When it comes to his sound his voice is very unique and he is never trying to sound like any other artist in the game. His style is very versatile and he can work on any beat or genre. From country, pop, club, or classic hip-hop/rap, Big Speaker is not limiting himself to who or what he can work with. He is a writer and prefers to come to the studio prepared in order to maximize efficiency. Big Speaker works very quickly and can write many songs within an hour, head to the studio, and often have them memorized. 

Currently, Big Speaker is working under management with Authentic Empire Music Group. He has found great success and support within the label and worked alongside roster artist Geezy Escobar. The two have a single coming soon, and Big Speaker is focused on releasing more music and staying consistent. His singles “On Deck” and “Talking My Sh*t” have done well on both YouTube and streaming platforms, and are available everywhere. Big Speaker is looking to establish himself as the great artist that he is, and use his success to help those around him and look out for those who have supported him through the journey. 


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