Miss Malibu was born and raised in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and recently moved to Atlanta, Georgia in order to further her music career. She would play around making hooks with her cousin for fun until one day they decided to turn one into a legit song. After creating their first song together and receiving positive feedback, she realized she had a talent when it came to both writing and rapping. Moving to Atlanta had more of an impact on her style and sound than Tuscaloosa, and she feels she was able to better herself and her music after she moved.

The name Miss Malibu is derived from two of her idols in rap, Nicki Minaj and Latto. Malibu comes from Malibu Barbie, seeing as Nicki Minaj is associated with the Barbie name this is where her impact comes in. As well as Latto previously going by Miss Mulatto, combining the two influences to become Miss Malibu. She draws influence from these two artists while still remaining unique and creating her own lane in rap. She feels as though she has a balance of trap and love lyrical content, and is hoping to make relatable music for her female audience.

When it comes to her lyrics Miss Malibu is speaking on love and relationships with men. Allowing women to embrace their sensual side and let them know it’s okay to be young, dumb, and in love. All of her lyrics are drawn from experience and reflect her real life. Miss Malibu is a writer and often writes all of her music in the car. Once the lyrics are laid out she brings them to the producer in order for them to cater the beat directly to the lyrics. Through her music, Miss Malibu is looking to establish herself as the “Trap Princess”, and show the world her fun and inviting personality. 

Currently, Miss Malibus’ most recent release was “Stupid Bytch” alongside her cousin Kaye Kashe. She is looking to network and broadens her connections within the music industry. She recently began working with Authentic Empire music group and has plans to do a feature alongside one of their signed artists. Outside of music Miss Malibu has plans to graduate with a Bachelors in Computer Science from Alabama A&M University in 2022 on a full academic scholarship. She is also interested in pursuing acting. Miss Malibu is a confident, outgoing, and vivacious personality hoping to tell her story through music and acting in order to be relatable and empowering for females everywhere. 


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