Wardoe was born in Memphis, Tennessee, and raised a majority of his life in Arkansas. His interest in music began at the age of 11, he would freestyle and mess around with his cousin who was making music. His transition to take it seriously was sparked when he lost his father at the age of 16. His father played a large role in his life and had always wanted him to follow his dreams. As he got older Wardoe took himself down the wrong path and spent time in jail. He took this time to write music and came to terms with the fact he couldn’t waste any more time. Once he was released he truly focused up and started the career he’d always wanted. 

The music he’s making tells his story, from what he’s been through to people he’s lost in his life. He puts the environment around him into words and hopes to be able to give back to his city throughout his career. Seeing poverty and violence throughout the street, Wardoe is motivated to invest and give back to his neighborhood.  He admires artists such as Yo Gotti, Gucci Mane, and Lil Baby, who have all been able to rise to success from similar situations as him. The biggest thing he looks up to is the better position they were able to put their family and communities in. 

Setting him apart from the mainstream is his voice and sound. His voice is different and unique and people often mention this to him after hearing his music. He tells real stories through and through many artists claim the same, but they can’t tell the same stories he’s created. When it comes to making music Wardoe is a writer. Whilst spending time in jail he spent most days writing music and has built up a collection of 983 songs on paper. He is a one-take artist, once the music is written he records quickly and efficiently. 

Seeing as he has so much music Wardoe is focused on releasing more music. He has a few singles to be released soon and is working on finishing up a mixtape. He has done a feature with artist Chino The Great and hopes to work with many other artists down the line. Outside of music Wardoe is focused on investing and getting involved in other business ventures. He knows when to be serious but is often an entertaining and funny guy when around family and friends. Wardoe is focused on his career to become a legend to his family and the world. 


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