MOE Dank is from Santee, South Carolina, and is aiming to be one of the first artists out of his city. He has always been interested in rapping since he was a child, and never took it seriously until this year. In 2018 Dank’s brother passed away, he had always shown him the importance of hard work and hustle. Through music, Dank was able to let his brother’s name live on and reach his own success. Although he didn’t always see himself becoming an artist, Dank has always had an interest in entertainment and knew he wanted to be famous. 

When MOE Dank first went to the studio and heard himself on a track he knew that music was something he could stick with. He is a writer and all of his best songs were written beforehand, however, he is perfectly capable of punching in and freestyling when the beat is right. Most of the time Dank will think of a song right when he wakes up and starts to write, then he’ll play around with different beats to perfect the song. His flow is calm and direct, unique from any other artist. 

MOE Dank is making music because it’s the one thing he has always been able to stand by. Even when he reached low points where he felt like giving up, he could never push himself to stop. He has been able to utilize music to tell his story and speak on his day-to-day feelings. A lot of his music just depends on the vibe of that day, he takes his tracks one by one and doesn’t like to rush his work. He has confidence in himself and has received positive feedback from others. He wouldn’t be working so hard on his music if he didn’t believe it was something others could enjoy. 

Currently, MOE Dank is working on his mixtape “Boo Circle” set to release sometime this year, or the beginning of next. This tape is dedicated to his hometown, and named after the street he grew up on. Dank recently began working with Authentic Empire music Group and has a feature with label artist YSN Solid in progress. He is focused on getting the business side of his career handled so he can go about his music the correct way.


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