Honcho Truth was born and raised in Greensboro, North Carolina, and has recently been working in Atlanta, Georgia to further his music career. Truth first found interest in other artist’s music and would memorize lyrics for fun, he also looked up to his cousin who was making music when he was a child. He always went by Truth growing up and added Honcho after his brother pointed it out on a song. Shortly after high school Truth found himself facing prison time and upon his release knew he wanted to take music to a serious level.

Growing up in Greensboro wasn’t the most picture-perfect upbringing. Truth experienced a lot of struggles that he is now able to reflect into his lyrics. Honcho Truth feels as though with the number of people there are in the world who’ve had shared experiences there has to be someone who feels the same way he does and has been through some of the same struggles. Setting him apart is his sound and style, his music has a certain way of capturing your attention through the rhythm and melody. Truth isn’t looking to sugarcoat his stories or ride waves of what’s popular, he brings raw un-cut stories to light in order to appear relatable and motivational to his fans. 

When it comes to his artistic style and process Honcho Truth doesn’t write his lyrics on paper but he does plan ahead. His music is stored in memory and when recording he’ll put down lyrics on the spot with a combination of freestyle and pre-determined lyrics. Some of Honcho Truth’s musical inspirations were Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, and T.I. His admiration for T.I. was rooted in his style of speaking on anything, seeing this allowed Truth to feel comfortable making music outside of what was cliche and popular. Seeing other artists be themselves and use music to tell stories and speak on personal experience influenced what direction he took his music in. 

Currently, Honcho Truth is focused on curating more visuals to go alongside his current releases, as well as dropping a few singles. His most recent release an album entitled “Eddie Mysterio” is available on all platforms. Honcho Truth is driven towards the goal of establishing himself as one of the greatest artists beyond just hip-hop. Outside of music, he is adamant about helping his community and is working towards putting together a bullying awareness campaign and community outreach event. 


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