Siy was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama, his city has brought an influence into his music and how he got started. After Siy had found himself caught up in trouble he was looking for a different way to pass time and landed on making music. His city didn’t have anyone making music especially not in the style he was and this helped motivate him to start taking his music seriously. From everything he experienced in Mobile he was given inspiration for his lyrics and set himself the goal to take over his city and put it on the map. 

When it comes to his music Siy’s sound and style are very unique, he grew up in both Alabama and New York and his father is Jamaican. All of these places have their own musical influence on Siy’s current delivery. Most of Siy’s music falls into the trap rap/hip-hop genre and this is where he excels in music. His lyrics primarily speak on the hustle he’s come up through, getting money, and showing out what he has achieved so far. His music is entirely freestyle and whatever comes to mind after vibing to the beat during his studio session is the product he delivers. 

As an artist Siy tends to keep everything personal, he doesn’t have any artists that he looks up to or credits with influence. The only person who has influenced him to make music was his older brother who always pushed him towards taking it more seriously and never let him stop believing in himself. Throughout his life, Siy has experienced obstacles from losing friends, facing jail time, and getting shot. All of these obstacles pushed Siy to go harder and after recovering from being shot he was able to get back into music with full force. 

Most recently Siy has been releasing videos and is preparing to drop a tape in the near future. He has been releasing singles and is working on finding his sound and improving upon himself through feedback and working with others. Recently he began working under management with Authentic Empire Music Group and has plans to work with one of their label artists. His latest release “Nasty” has been popular among the club scene of his home state Alabama. Outside of music, Siy is working on a merch line to go along with his brand, currently, he has a diverse selection from bags to clothes and sells primarily around his hometown. 


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