Preme Dibiasi was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, and credits his city’s culture as an influence on his music. Growing up joking around with his neighborhood peers he always played around with freestyles and raps. Seeing artists like Gucci Mane and Rick Ross on TV he aspired to become an artist and make music his career. After his first studio session, Preme knew he wanted to take rap seriously and hasn’t stopped working since. He picked up a decent buzz around his city in high school and this motivated him as well.

Being from Cleveland Preme was influenced by club music which is popular around his area. A lot of his songs reflect the club scene and are popular in party crowds. Preme speaks on the goals he’s trying to achieve and the level he wants to reach. His lyrics speak of glamorous lifestyles and inspire people to reach for those same goals. When he began making music he always kept it real and those around him knew what he was speaking about was factual. Having a motivational aura and staying true to himself helped push his city to support him.

As an artist, Preme had to overcome being from the projects and raised in an environment where many people were involved in the streets. He had to unlearn these norms and establish himself for what he stands for. He often receives the complement of his music not sounding like anybody else. Through his journey as an artist he has made clear he is unique and real, even in his club music you can feel the realness. Preme is aspiring to set the trends and not follow them. He hopes for others to look up to his music and aim to sound like him.

Preme Dibiasi has most recently released “Birthday” a single that is out now on all platforms. This single has been racking up a large collection of streams and views and keeps him booked and busy with events. His other single “Buss It Down” picked up a large fan base in St.Louis and brought Premes’s audience beyond Cleveland borders. Preme is continuing to work on new music and focused on branding himself and narrowing down the business aspects of the music industry.


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