Traphosale was born in Des Moines, Iowa, and spent the majority of his youth in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He’s been around music his whole life and first started singing in gospel groups. His gospel side was inspired by his father and he was on the road with his gospel group and the Neville Brothers. He was a singer at first until he found his sound as a rapper. Music was always something he had wanted to do, and at a party, he was attending he decided to perform something he had been working on. Seeing the reaction from the crowd and girls was the confirmation he needed to believe in himself and his music going beyond just a hobby. Upon taking music seriously Traphosale moved to Atlanta in order to further his music career. Whilst in Atlanta he worked with artists such as Little Scrappy, Young Jock, and Rock DJ.

Growing up in Minneapolis, Traphosale saw and went through a lot at a young age, causing him to grow up very quickly as most in his city do. His music is a product of his environment and he draws his lyrics from life experience. Entering the music industry and understanding that money was an essential piece of growing and working on himself as an artist, was something he had to overcome and earn funds towards. He is making music for those who can relate to him in life and as an artist. The things he experienced growing up leading to the obstacle he overcame entering the industry are all topics that he covers and hopes to inspire others with.

When it comes to his music, Traphosale has a very raw and underground edge. He is unfiltered and willing to speak on topics most may avoid. He can tap into a real trap-rap sound and subject matter to bring an uncut song to his audience. Traphosale doesn’t keep his music inside of a single box, he steps into many different genres through his sound and beat selection. Thus far he has worked on EDM, Caribbean, and Country music, and is continuing to diversify his content and grow into his different sounds as an artist. No matter what he’s working on Traphosale is always hustling and determined to make his goals happen.

Currently, Traphosale is working on a few tapes the first being “Play Play” which is sticking to his raw trap style. He is also planning to release a Caribbean-inspired tape entitled “The Last in Paradise”. Traphosale is looking past the fame and wants to be known as the richest underground rapper. He enjoys making music and money and doesn’t have a desire to be in the constant spotlight. He is enjoying himself and working equally as hard. Outside of music he is working on his brand “Bird Flu” a clothing line and entertainment group. He is also both writing and producing a trap comedy film.


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