$neaky Deuce was born in Alexandria, Virginia and raised throughout the DMV area. When he was about 5 years old he would watch freestyles and started making his own for fun. In second grade he looked up to his brother who was dropping music on social media and aspiring to be an artist as well. Rap was always a hobby and something fun to get his thoughts out, up until recent years when he began taking it seriously. In 2018 he went to his first official studio session and hasn’t looked back since.

Being from the DMV area there is a decent amount of music coming out of his city, however it all has a similar style. This pushed Deuce to make sure his sound was one of one, and set him apart from the crowd. He is looking to shed light onto his city and neighborhood, as it is often overlooked and still full of talent. When you hear his music he has a distinct cadence and flow. He is a versatile artist and plays around with various beats and genres. Creating the music is all about the beat for $neaky Deuce, he listens and lets the beat take him wherever feels right. Once he’s in his creative mindset he’ll write the beginning of a song, take it to the studio and go from there.

Lyrically Deuce draws inspiration from his personal experiences and what he’s been through. One of the most difficult things he faced was losing his cousin, who was also a musical inspiration. All of the good and bad things he’s faced are what go into his lyrics in order to inspire and motivate others. He wants to push everyone to be the best version of themselves. Speaking on mistakes he’s made in order to push others not to fall into those same patterns, as well as creating something upbeat to just enjoy listening to. Deuce is motivated to finish what his cousin had started and continue to inspire others through his story.

$neaky Deuce is currently working on releasing singles periodically and building up his fan base. Towards the end of the single releases he is planning to drop his first studio album “The Motivation”, the name being inspired by the fact he presents himself as and aspires to be a motivator to those around him. Deuce is dedicated to making an impact on both his community and the entire world of music. He is not limiting himself to one single genre and his inspiration has no limitations as far as who can receive it.


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