Wheat Gwopo was born in Youngstown, Ohio and spent time in Atlanta, Georgia growing up as well. Growing up his family nicknamed him “Wheat Bread” as he grew into becoming an artist he exchanged bread for “Gwopo”. He was first interested in making music seeing his cousin record as a child. One day his cousin let him jump in on a session and be his hype man at a show. Ever since that experience he knew he wanted to be an artist.

Listening to his music you can hear Wheat’s unique sound bringing together both his mid-western and southern sounds. He has a midwest bounce and Georgia swag wrapped up into one style. He describes his music as having a “pop-trap” vibe, bringing together both genres in his own fashion. Lyrically he derives his music from things he’s been through and experienced. Wheat has an in-home studio where he records most of his music, and brings it to an external studio for a mix and master. Once he has the finished product he always shares it with his kids to gather their opinion.

Making music is therapeutic for Wheat Gwopo and he’s been through many struggles that have required him to express his emotion. From experiencing homelessness and not knowing what was next for him to facing time in prison, Wheat has a lot to write about. After experiencing time in jail and seeing how it affected his family, he promised and committed to himself he would never go back. In the city he’s from you see many people you love and care for, lose their life or go to prison. Wheat recently lost his younger brother and is determined to focus on rap and provide for his family.

Recently Wheat Gwopo released his EP “No Days Off”, he is working on getting together a new album and visuals to go with the release. Wheat has a very energetic performance style and is anticipating doing many more shows in the near future. He is working towards being established as an all round entertainer, not just a rap-artist. He has been working with Authentic Empire music group and recently did a feature with their artist Gabriel Averette, that single is coming soon.


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