Bloww was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois where he had a very difficult upbringing. There were a lot of things he experienced at an early age that most children shouldn’t go through. He lost his mother at the age of 8, to drug and alcohol use. He witnessed shootings amongst family members and found himself in jail by 16. Once he was released at 18, he decided to take music seriously. During his childhood, he was also in poetry classes, and his poetry transitioned to his music. He found poetry and music to be a way of expressing himself and telling his story.

When it comes to his music Bloww is a very reserved individual, he prefers to be completely alone and in the dark whilst both writing and recording. His music is never forced and he lets the beat talk to him. Listening to the beat about 2 times before he begins writing, he expresses whatever comes to mind naturally. All of his lyrics are a reflection of what he has been through, seen others go through, or is currently experiencing. Bloww describes himself as his only competition, he is both unique and versatile and tries not to be like any other artist. The only person he compares himself to is his own music to grow and better himself as he continues working.

Currently, Bloww is pushing his single “Blood Moves” which is his most recent release and available on all platforms. His upcoming single “Truth” is set to be released soon and carries a lot of meaning. Bloww has faced depression recently and is using this single to express the truth about things he is trying to overcome. He has been expressing his feelings through music since he was 10 years old. Bloww has a hard time communicating his feelings to people face to face, and would rather put everything into a song for others to listen to and understand what he is going through.

Music is his biggest outlet and number one passion. He is working hard to be known as a universal artist that can collaborate with and create music of any genre. He is able to reach his goals and stay motivated with his girlfriend Starr by his side. Some artists he admires and hopes to work with are Kevin Gates, Polo G, and Foogiano. When people hear his name he wants them to immediately know his verse or song will be the best of the best. Bloww continues to work hard every day in order to support his family and ensure they end up in a good place.


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