Yung Suave was raised in Canton, a small city in Ohio known for the hall of fame. It was hard to be a teen in Canton, being surrounded by a lot of gang violence. Luckily Suave had a mind of his own and was able to push himself to get out of the city. A lot of people his age throw their life away, but Suave was inspired by The Carter III to start rapping and make something of himself.

Growing up he was inspired by artists like Earl Sweatshirt, Juice World, and Lil Wayne. He was also inspired by his father who was a rapper, and eventually found out he had a brother who made music as well. Once he met his brother he was already making music and it motivated him to take after their father as well.

Yung Suave began rapping for fun when his close friends told him he should get in the studio. After his first session he was hooked and loved the way his music sounded in the mic. Being in the studio always rapping, he had to overcome the fear of singing. Yung Suave has many different sounds and styles. He’s open to anything and really just likes to feel the vibe in the studio.

There’s been many late nights where Suave had to compromise being away from his family, but he works hard to make his career a priority. At the end of the day Yung Suave is making music for himself as a way to be outspoken and tell his story. He is currently pushing his single “Lately” and has a new EP on the way.


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