Dreadhead Rico was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, and received a lot of influence from her city’s music culture. She was always interested in the industry and went to school for audio engineering. She began experimenting with music and trying to become an artist herself. It was something she had to get used to and comfortable with having the image of a rapper, she had always wanted money but not necessarily fame. Starting off she was often told she had potential but needed to find herself, and throughout her journey as an artist that’s what she’s been doing.

Receiving positive feedback and having so many people around her believe she could get to the next level is what motivated her. Starting out she was told to work on herself and not to rush the process. She’s been finding herself and has started to embrace her persona of being an artist. Her music tells her stories and varies from what mood she’s in. Being from Chicago, she tries to stay away from the cliches of the city being violent and full of struggle. While that is deemed true in some areas, Dreadhead hasn’t always viewed the city that way.

Depending on the beat she’s listening to and the vibe she’s feeling her music could go one way or the other. She has a home studio and tends to freestyle and write a little bit at home before going to a proper studio for the final recording. As days pass between sessions she may get to the studio and revamp what was written at home, everything she does goes with the flow. She has done a feature with Khaotic from “Love and Hip-Hop”, and she is working on securing a feature with Yo Gotti. She has a lot more music in progress and recently began working with Authentic Empire Music Group, her feature with label artist YSN Trapp will be an upcoming release.

Once Dreadhead Rico was able to overcome the idea of everyone having an opinion about her music. She was able to embrace the fact people will love it and some may not, you can’t please everyone. Since understanding this she has seen success in her career with her most recent release “Remember My Name”. Dreadhead Rico is focused on herself and her family, she has a positive mindset and a big heart, hoping to inspire and help the youth of her city.


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