The Authentic Empire artist known as Geezy Escobar, aka Burberry Jerry, was destined for greatness. Born and raised in Akron, OH, from the early age of 9 he knew he wanted to record music and entertain. However, as life went on, his faith would be radically tested.

During high school, he was labeled a failure by his teachers who insisted he wouldn’t amount to much. By the time Geezy graduated, he’d received so much criticism from the very ones who were supposed to champion him that he adopted a mindset of defeat and turned to the streets. Soon after he caught a case in South Carolina, barely escaping without severe consequences. Living recklessly began to catch up with him and he fell into a state of despondency and depression. In 2017, destiny would come full circle when Geezy watched the movie The Secret, which restored his hope in humanity as well as in himself. He began practicing what we learned and started putting positive energy into the Universe in an effort to manifest the good he was earnestly seeking. The paradigm shift worked in his favor and gave him the confidence as well as the motivation he needed to make a bold move.

With a renewed sense of purpose, Geezy took all of his resources and invested them into his art, in addition to building his brand and relocating to Atlanta. The result was his first music video for a single titled “Dior.” In the spirit of manifestation, the young hustler crossed paths with Authentic Empire CEO Boomman, who had built a reputation throughout Atlanta and beyond for turning unknown talent into superstars. Thoroughly impressed by Geezy’s ambition and passion for his craft, Boomman signed him to the label in 2018. A year later, he dropped his first mixtape, Section 8 Mindstate, which included the single “Cool” featuring Da Baby. The streets took notice causing Geezy to generate a genuine buzz around the city. The versatile rapper has linked with fellow AE label mate Foogiano on the joint project Backwood Boys, aptly dropping on April 20th, where the duo seamlessly trade melodic bars with one another making for an organic connection. Both Geezy and Foogiano shine individually on the smoke fest as they celebrate the good life through songs that are made for the corner, car and club; certain to be summer anthems.

Geezy’s pure love for the culture is evident in all that he does. From the way he walks, talks, dresses and rhymes, it all speaks volumes about his creativity as an artist and his character as a man. He is the new generation’s poster child for making your haters your motivators and reclaiming your life.


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