Authentic Empire Music Group—the home of talented artists such as Foogiano, Money Mu, Geezy Escobar, YSN, Doughboy D, Gabriel Avrett, AG Lotti and more—announced today that it has officially signed Alabama rapper Mello Oowee to its growing roster.

The big announcement was made on the Atlanta-based independent record label’s official Instagram on Monday (Aug. 30). “Everybody go welcome the newest member @mello_oowee to the fam … Follow him and watch how we make him a house hold name,” the post read.

Authentic Empire CEO Boomman also announced the news on his Instagram, writing: “At this point in my life it’s about helping ppl and changing lives 👉👉 @mello_oowee got it for real and this is about to be major please save this post and save this date you are about to witness history in front of your own eyes 👀 💣💣💣 Boomman still Boomin and it’s Authentic or Nothing ‼️ Who Next⁉️”

Mello Oowee was born and raised in Chambers County of Lanett, Alabama. Like many other artists, Mello’s love for music began as a child. He spent time in the studio with his mother and made music for fun with his cousin. He also sang in the church choir growing up, and this was where he first discovered he could sing.

It wasn’t until 2014, however, that he started his career as a rapper after meeting his manager and mentor Johnny. Since then, he’s been able to find success in both his musical talents as well as the business side of the industry.

When it comes to his music, Mello finds writing and recording to be therapeutic. His lyrics are derived from life experience and he uses his voice to tell his story.

Growing up, Mello dealt with a lot of struggles and hardships from an early age. He saw friends and family lose their lives, get involved with drug use, and spend time in jail. This was a lot on Mello mentally, and he attempted suicide as a result of dealing with depression and mental hardships.

His story and his struggles have only made him stronger, and now he is in a position to inspire and influence those who have dealt with the same difficulties. Having fans reach out and let him know he’s changed their lives and helped them through their personal struggles is a surreal feeling, he says.

Mello Oowee’s sound and style are very unique and versatile. He is both a rapper and singer and can perform on any track from trap-rap to melodic r&b. However the beat makes him feel is what he speaks on in his lyrics.

The music he makes is always from personal experience—it may be a reflection of his past or something from day-to-day life in the moment. His music is very lyrical and carries meaning—you can find metaphors, emotion, and life stories in any of his songs.

As an artist, Mello loves to perform. When he has a mic in his hands he zones out and loses touch with reality. His fans are a big part of his music and anytime he is able to connect with a crowd in real-time they leave an impact.

While Mello Oowee is new to Authentic Empire’s roster, he’s a familiar face at the label. Interestingly enough, after running into Boomman at an event in 2019, he was advised to enter AE’s very first independent artist showcase at the SXSW music festival in Austin, Texas and ended up winning, despite being one of the last artists to enter.

Authentic Empire CEO Boomman and Mello Oowee at IndieFest 2021 in Atlanta.

Boom and Mello lost contact after that, but reconnected in 2020 when he booked a consultation. The following year, Mello entered into Authentic Empire’s inaugural IndieFest independent artist showcase and not only won the Indie Choice Award (which thousands of fans voted for), but also became the first-ever IndieFest winner, taking home a diamond-encrusted AE chain and a 2021 Dodge Charger Scatpack.

Now that he’s officially signed to Authentic Empire, Mello Oowee is ready to take his career to the next level.

“I feel good about it, I feel like this was supposed to happen,” Mello said in a statement after his signing. “I’ve known Boomman since MMI, before AE, and he followed me on Twitter … I always had a good feeling and here we are. I’m excited to see what happens next.”

Mello’s most recent project, Don’t Do Me Bad 2, was released in September 2020 and is available on all streaming platforms.

He’s worked with artists such as Skooly and Lil Flip thus far, and is not limiting himself on who he’ll be able to work with in the future. His sound is compatible with many genres and styles and he is open to experimenting with a variety of artists and producers in order to grow.

Mello is working to be known as someone who’s going to bring unmatched energy to every song he creates or appears on. As he continues to further his career Mello hopes to reach new audiences and bring influence and inspiration to every fan.


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